we are the overlooked

We are the overlooked

Wondering if you might have ADHD?
Your doctor can help.

Here’s how to get started:

Schedule an appointment with your doctor and bring your self-assessment results and the doctor discussion guide with you.

don't overlook adhd

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) isn’t:

  • just getting easily distracted or not being able to sit still
  • something that just affects kids; in fact, it can affect adults too, and often lasts throughout a person's lifetime
  • caused by lack of motivation or willpower

ADHD is a neurological condition, with real life consequences. But people with ADHD are often dismissed and not taken seriously. They are the overlooked.

It’s important to know that ADHD is treatable. Did you know that your doctor can diagnose ADHD?
It all starts with a conversation.

Think you might have ADHD?
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why is it important to get help?

with ADHD are

adults with adhd are two times as likely to get divorced

and are less
with their
social, personal and
professional lives.*

with ADHD are

adults with adhd are 2.7 times more likely to drop out of school

before graduation than those without ADHD.

Co-existing anxiety disorders are found in

up to thirty percent of adults with adhd

of children and

twenty-five to forty percent of adults with adhd

of adults
with ADHD.

ADHD can be managed –
if it’s recognized
Talk to your doctor today.

is it adhd?

Your healthcare provider can make a diagnosis of ADHD using the guidelines in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth edition (DSM-5®).

Symptoms of ADHD can include:

  • Inattention (such as trouble with listening and concentrating, being forgetful, feeling distracted or being disorganized)
  • Hyperactivity and impulsivity (such as difficulty sitting still or being quiet, feeling restless, talking often or interrupting)

ADHD is prevalent around the world. It is estimated that 5-9% of children and adolescents and 3-5% of adults have ADHD.

Take the adult ADHD self-assessment

starting the conversation with your doctor about adhd

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There are also non-governmental agencies and organizations that provide support to families and individuals living with ADHD. Please note that rates may vary for private therapists and clinics.

Locate ADHD resources in your community

information and support for adhd

ADHD can feel overwhelming, but learning more about this condition may help. Talk to your doctor and check out these websites for more information.

three life hacks for adhd

Go greyscale on your phone.

Depleting your screen’s colour makes scrolling less satisfying. Especially at night, grey displays can reduce the impulse to stay online past your bedtime.

Wear noise-reducing headphones to help prevent sensory overload.

Earplugs designed specifically for ADHD lower the volume of the outside world (e.g.: loud music, screeching brakes).

Create a “Launch Pad” at your front door so you spend less time looking for essential items.

This designated holding area is for your keys, wallet, work badge, sunglasses and anything else you need when you leave home. No fuss, no frenzy.